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Ombos glass business will be closed!

We will stop selling glass and lampwork supplies until the middle of the year.
There is no definite date yet but the decision is certain?
There are many reasons for this:
I started working with glass 15 years ago and then we've been doing 14 years of glass selling and creativity has been limited to packing rods.
I would like to change that and the 60th birthday is a good time.
Furthermore Uwe a new job with a much better salary  one the one hand – on the other he definitely has fewer days off and we have to plan around a company holiday.
What remains:
The glass manufactory – me working as a glass artist at the torch as well as fusing, the business will be significantly expanded in the seedbead sector
The ExFlammistage - but rather as a meeting for creative people who like each other
What ends?
The glass trade - especially the mail order - with Ombos
Exhibitions and fairs with the glass and accessories program
What will not come:
A sale or sale at discounted prices:
Such an action is extremely unfair to our glass selling colleagues, besides, I can use everything I have perfectly by myself.

In this sense, we remain in the glass scene -
See you at the Exflammistag on 16.02.ab 11:00 in Bretzfeld
and / or in Lauscha to the Glasperlentagen (due to the lack of a dog sitter even with our big Q)
Love Christiane and Uwe


08. Juli 2017 
ExFlammistag in Bretzfeld

...wie gehabt, Spaß haben, Ausprobieren, Austauschen...
Bitte kurz anmelden, dann können wir die Mengen besser einschätzen.